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Simple and Low Cost

Dumpster Rentals

Easy And Affordable Dumpster Rentals

8’W X 13.5’L X 4.0’D

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10 Cubic Yards
1.5 tons


Includes 2 weeks
of rental

8’W X 13.5’L X 4.0’D

image description

15 Cubic Yards
2 tons
Includes 2 weeks
of rental

8’W X 16.5’L X 4.5’D

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20 Cubic Yards
3 tons
Includes 2 weeks
of rental

8’W X 17.5’L X 6.5’D

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30 Cubic Yards
4 tons
Includes 2 weeks
of rental

Additional Fees for the Following Items:

The transfer station requires additional fees for the following items placed in dumpsters:

  • Appliances
  • White goods
  • Air conditioners
  • Anything with Freon
  • Television sets
  • Tires
  • Mattresses
  • Any sheetrock placed in the dumpster will have an additional charge of $15 per ton.

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How to Order your Dumpster Rental
  • Call our knowledgeable staff to rent the dumpster – container you need.
  • If you call early in morning, Cam’s will deliver your dumpster the SAME DAY.
  • Cam’s doesn’t charge for pick-up or delivery.
  • You must call to schedule your dumpster rental pick-up.
Cam’s is committed to provide the same excellent service to our disposal customers.
Cam’s Company Color is blue. Your dumpster roll-off will be blue with white lettering. Your Dumpster is well maintained and looks good. Cam’s Disposal is proud to have it on your property. In fact, Cam’s receives many calls for dumpster orders, after noticing our roll – off containers.

Regions We Cover for Demolition Services & Dumpster Rentals