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Residential Demolition

Safely Dismantled

Get Big Savings
Interior Gutting

Cam’s always recommends filling out a permit for a demolition job. We then give a written quote and a scope of the demolition work to be completed. Most towns also want a permit for a dumpster-container on the property. Cam’s starts and finishes the demolition project on time and we leave the job broom swept and complete.

Junk Removal

I started out as a junkman. Just me and an old red pick-up truck. Now Cam’s has a dumpster roll-off just for scrap metal. We also bought a lift gate with a capacity of 3000 lbs. This makes it easy to pickup old appliances, air conditioners and boilers. Cam’s removes boilers and entire heating or air conditioning systems. Let us handle all your junk and debris.

Rubbish Removal

This is how Cam’s started in 1977. I would see a pile of rubbish. Then I would knock on the home owner’s door and give them a price to remove it. My brother and I would do the job ourselves. Now we have dumpster-containers and employees to do it for Cam’s.

Clean -Outs

Cam’s Demolition and Disposal cleans out all types of homes. We can provide the manpower and a 6 wheeler to remove junk and debris from estates, house for sale or home owners residences. Cam’s also has a dumpster rental service. We can provide you with any dumpster-container size you need. Do you know we buy old houses?

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Cam’s Demolition and Disposal is a licensed demolition company. We enter your home as if it is our own. All our employees are provided and wear company shirts. The shirts, trucks and dumpsters are blue for a uniform look. Cams employees look and work very professionally and we are extremely proud of our staff and our work. Do you know where we begin the demolition? We dismantle and remove the last piece of construction first. This also minimizes noise and dust. Cam’s sets up a ventilation system, and we seal off the work area to further minimize the dust in the air.