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Commercial Construction Demolition

Done Safely and On Schedule

Get Big Savings

Offices are the core of the Commercial Demolition Business. Cam’s specializes in selective interior demolition. We have worked for some of the biggest names in Real Estate. We are currently working for Equity Office Park, National Development and Gutirezz Company to name a few. It is service from the first call in to our office. Our estimator receives the plans and attends the walk-thru. Cam’s then provides a written scope of work to be done, with a competitive price. Cam’s Demolition then starts the job and finishes it on time. The area is left broom swept and we don’t leave until our client is satisfied.


Cam’s owns most of the necessary tools and equipment for warehouse work. We have scissor lifts, bobcats, floor machines and torches. Cam’s employees wear steel-toe shoes, hard hats and safety glasses on all jobs. We have our own dumpsters for brick, metal, wood and debris. Cam’s also provides saw-cutting, trenching, pinning and re-pouring cement. Don’t call anyone else, Cam’s does it all!


Who doesn’t like shopping? Cam’s performs most of these jobs at night. Owning all our own equipment allows us to return to our shop and pick up whatever is needed. Cam’s Disposal Company can remove the roll-off container every night or morning. This doesn’t take up a parking spot or cause a safety issue. Time is BIG money with the retail projects. We will work Saturdays and Sundays to get the space finished on time.


Do you want your apartment demolished? Cam’s Demolition has been helping clients since the 1980’s. We know how to help convert an apartment building to condominiums. Cam’s can salvage the heating system and all precious metals. About half the time we leave the windows in until the new ones arrive. The floors may be uneven, so we remove layers until reaching the sub-floor. Cam’s demolition removes all nails from the remaining wood and leaves the apartment building broom swept. We will never leave a job until our customer is satisfied.

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Cam’s has a good reputation as an interior demolition company. Our employees have been with us for many years. All have been OSHA trained and certified. We have over 35 employees to get the job done, safely, timely, and economically.
Cam’s does all kinds of commercial construction demolition. We work at malls, warehouses, office buildings, and all over. Cam’s owns most of the construction equipment to do any job. This allows us to get anything we need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving the customer the best price, service, and quickest completion date possible.

We started our own dumpster rental company also. Cam’s recycles on every job and we separate all of the demolition debris. There is a dumpster roll-off for metal, sheetrock, carpet, and wood. Cam’s Demolition & Disposal things GREEN and is LEED Certified.

Insurance, insurance, and more insurance, Cam’s has plenty. We have $2,000,000 in coverage per accident. We also carry a $6,000,000 umbrella policy. Let’s hope Cam’s never needs to use it.